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Celeste Cooley is the creator of this website and the business forms and documents offered herein. She has been developing business forms for decades. A seasoned luxury travel agent, now retired, Celeste has over 25 years of travel industry experience. With an additional background in TV/Film production as well as sales, marketing, finance, medical and legal which enhances her knowledge and expertise as a travel agent. Over three decades of experience from working in various corporate industries provided the initial platform from which she began creating business forms and documents from resumes to training manuals.

Wiser Travel Agents Business Forms and Documents were motivated by a strong demand for travel agency business forms. Plus, her strong desire to help supply travel agents with the business forms she developed and used herself over the years. So after receiving many requests for her forms from colleagues, Celeste revised these forms for travel agents. This dedicated travel professional is excited to offer you her products and services. She guarantees you won’t be disappointed with these professional business documents!

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